EP #8 Stephanie Rodriguez

February 21, 2023
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EP #8 Stephanie Rodriguez

By Ward Richmond

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping”

-Mr Rogers(or his mom technically)

Stephanie Rodriguez grew up in small town, Pennsylvania, Holidaysberg to be exact. Where she enjoyed all of the small town USA things such as participating in all of the school activities. She sprinted and jumped for the track team, Captained the cheerleading team, and loved student government. She had a seminal moment when she was 12 and her parents divorced. It was a hard experience made harder by the “traditional” views of the community around her. She was one of very few with divorced parents. It didn’t hold her back though. She was a classical pianist with a small marble bust of none other than legend JoePa on her piano. That was just an omen to her attending Penn State for college. Nittany Lions through and through. She remained involved in extracurriculars in college, earning a varsity letter as the manager for the gymnastics team. After graduation Steph fulfilled many you wanderluster’s dream and moved to Colorado and worked retail/managed a brewpub in Longmont. Sowing some wild oats if you will.

From there she bounced around a bit from Houston, ATL, and finally landed in DC where she began her short lived career of waiting tables, not really. Steph was still winding her way to the great business of real estate. Which she found through some Penn State alum who, through a temp agency, placed her in a role at a real estate investment trust. She applied herself fully and evolved that role into an administrative position helping manage two large office buildings. After working her way through some other aspects of the real estate game in DC, Steph finally made her way to The Sunshine State(not Colorado).

In Florida she went right to work for posthumous friend of the show, Trammel Crow. She loved that role and wanted more growth, moving around a bit until the company she was working for at the beginning of 2022 was bought by Prologis. At this point Steph wanted to figure out a long term play where she could really make a difference and put her stamp on a company she believed in. After some soul searching at her place in Park City. Then finally in October of ‘22 she started with Colliers, heading our entire Industrial Division of 653+ brokers!

Most of Stephanie’s personal life is devoted to being present for and connecting with her 14 y/o daughter. Steph goes into the adoption process a bit and all of the rigors that she endured through it. It may not have been easy, they made it through though and she is very blessed.

Advice to her younger self: Be more patient with herself
Greatest failure turned opportunity: Marriage not working out showed Steph the need for presence with her daughter
Morning Ritual: Coffee(nutpods), email check-in, workout consisting of yoga, running or strength training
Hotel: Ritz Carlton, Fort Lauderdale
Restaurant: Prime 112, Il Gabianno, Carbone, Uchi Sushi Miami
Book: She’s an old school reader, tangible books only. “A Court of Thorn and Roses” book series
Music: Little bit Country, little bit rap.
Charity: Disenfranchised children charities, Kids in Distress, SOS Children’s Village – Florida
$100M Briefcase: Industrial RE, Residential RE in targeted markets
Truly Free Time: Travel via short term rentals and get a local experience. First location? Spain!

Connect with Stephanie:
LinkedIn: Stephanie Rodriquez
Instagram: @stephanie_colliersindustrial

Connect with Ward:
Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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