EP #9 David Ross

February 28, 2023
Truckin On


EP #9 David Ross

By Ward Richmond

“Art is the music of the soul, made visible.” -Bruce Lee

David Ross: Executive, Investor, Artist
Comin’ at ya from Miami once again, sorry no salsa music this time y’all.
David was a multi-discipline athlete all through middle school into 10th grade. As it happens, on the last play of his gym class’ flag football game, he broke his clavicle. This was a turning point in not only his athletics, but also his wardrobe. He was unable to get t-shirts or hoodies over his head, imagine the horror.
David was fortunate to have parents that invested in experiential value and education through experiences. This afforded him a trip to France with a high school class which spurred him into a love of travel, visiting 35 countries and 47/50 states since.
David’s alma mater is Georgetown where he got a fake ID and, if I may, “responsibly” dove into the social scene. He didn’t let it hinder his studies though, graduating in 2000 as a Finance and International Business major.
The first job he landed right out of school was at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown. After some shake ups there he did a short stint at Railworks and was called to join a smaller startup with a mentor from Alex Brown.
David takes us deep on how exactly his role in the logistics industry and the financial side of it works as well as how it has evolved through his career. He’s a wizard
Currently with Roadrunner Freight as an Exec, David is helping to reform and rebrand things there. It has been and continues to be a successful journey.

Advice to younger self: Start BJJ and Guitar earlier in life.
Greatest Failure turned opportunity: Competition losses, Romantic Relationships ending and learning to take the lessons into the next one, Investments and almost treating them as a failed relationship. Moral of story: With each “loss” keep it moving and make progress.
Morning Ritual: Man’s best friend gets David up for play, Water, Bulletproof style coffee, Journal(stream of consciousness)
Favorite Hotel: Antigua, Guatemala – Panza Verde
Favorite Restaurant: Red Rooster – Miami
Book Rec: “The Power of Myth” – Joseph Campbell w/ Bill Moyer
Song Rec: #1 “The Coast is Clear” Drake White Spotify – ITunes
Honorable mention: “Imagine” John Lennon, covered by Chris Cornell on Stern
Charity/Non-Profit: Charlize Theron Africa Outreach – Fountainhead Artists Registry – Miami Humane Society
$100M Investment: Artist’s residency in Baltimore
Life without $$$ obligations: Continue to do all the things he already loves doing. Family, friends, mentoring, art, community involvement.

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LinkedIn: David Ross

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Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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