EP #012 Brant Landry

March 14, 2023
Truckin On


EP #012 Brant Landry

By Ward Richmond


“Long-term vision, executed with short-term urgency” -Brant Landry

Brant Landry is a mover and a shaker.

He grew up in West Lake, ATX when Austin was just a fun college town. Brant’s dad was involved in the development boom of the 80’s in Austin so Brant got an early exposure to the real estate industry. Brant’s sport in high school was football. This is another aspect of his life that instilled a strong work ethic in him. Fun tidbit, he is a year older than Drew Brees and they shared the gridiron at West Lake High, winning a ton of games. Brant kept his passion for football alive, walking on at Texas Tech. Shouts to Summit!

Brant became a single dad at 28. Needless to say that shook life up a bit. His son’s mother and him decided from the jump to co-parent rather than pursue their own relationship and he’s still happy with that decision. You can hear the pride in Brant’s voice talking about his boy, 16 now and exploring his athleticism through competitive dance.

Brant met his now wife right after the birth of his son on a blind date. They’re now the parents to two more boys, 8 and 10. This whole time Brant’s life wasn’t without work. He was very actively working his real estate business with Transwestern, helping build that business as well as his expertise in many different facets of the industry. Through this experience and realizing he and another peer were learning a good majority of the business, they ventured out on their own. Well, them and Hall of Famer, Emmitt Smith. They built a company with Emmitt and eventually Brant sold his share to his peer, Sharon. Brant moved on, as serial entrepreneurs do, and got into the business of not just specializing in asset classes, but good deals rather.

Business Superpower: Resiliency, gotta be able to ride out the storm
Advice to younger self: Try to be selfless
Failure Turned Opportunity: Not knowing healthy boundaries around marriage and relationship
Morning Ritual: Exercise, at the gym 530-6AM
Fav Hotel: The Hotel Emma – San Antonio
Fav Restaurant: Nick and Sam’s for a bone-in Filet, Gorge’s Tacos
Book Rec: “Yearbook” -Seth Rogan , “Lonesome Dove” , “What Did You Expect?” -Marriage book
Song Rec: Oklahoma City by Zach Bryan -Spotify -iTunes
$100M Briefcase investment: Banded Peaks Ranch
2023 Goal: Expansion, hit him up and get in on it

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Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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