EP #013 Michael Sartain

March 21, 2023
Truckin On


EP #013 Michael Sartain

By Ward Richmond

“You will be paid in linear proportion to the complexity of the problem you solve” – Elon

Michael’s been a music lover from way back. Leaning heavily into gangster rap, UGK, Digital Underground, and RIP Eazy E
Football runs as deep in his veins as music, still rocking the sticks on Madden
Attended UT Austin for college, spent four years there.
With hopes of being a baller at ENRON dashed by their crash.
Watched 9/11 happen and went straight to the Air Force recruiter and by May ‘04 was joined up
He served as a navigator throughout his tenure, discharging as a Captain after 4 years

Advice to Younger Self: increased speed audio books, seek out mentors
Failure: Too highly leveraged during 2020 crash
Morning Ritual: Clears every task on his phone before getting out of phone, then on with the day
Hotel Rec: Caesar’s Palace
Restaurant: Cleaver/Herbs and Rye, Mastro’s Steakhouse, regular meal – Chipotle Bowls
Fav Restaurant: Nick and Sam’s for a bone-in Filet, Gorge’s Tacos
Book Rec: “Can’t Hurt Me” -Goggins “Extreme Ownership” -Jocko
Song Rec: “Hold Me Close” -Flux Pavillion Spotify – iTunes
Philanthropy: Babes in Toyland
$100M Briefcase: Multi-unit Real Estate
2023 Bucketlist: Being able to go hands-off with MOA and build other brands

Connect with Michael:
Website: Men of Action Mentoring
Instagram: @michaelsartain
LinkedIn: Michael Sartain
Podcast: The Michael Sartain Podcast Spotify – Apple

Connect with Ward:
Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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