#31 Marcin Chojnowski

July 12, 2023
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#31 Marcin Chojnowski

By Ward Richmond

Head of North American Real Estate for Maersk
Grew up on Poland, in a somewhat isolated city
Did all the typical kid stuff, running around, hanging out with friends
Didn’t really get to know the way the world works until his college years of 19+
Deeply resisted appreciation for the beautiful country around his hometown until he was in his 30’s
University in Warsaw found him great friends and experimenting with life
It was the most impactful part of his life by far
Met his future/current wife in Buenos Aires while on assignment for the Polish State Dept.
PLUG!! Fried. The Burnout Podcast with Cait Donovan(link below)
Almost went down the PHD road, but wanted more life experience than just academia
The want to be able to be and move with the woman he loved, drove him to supply chain real estate
Marcin started in SCRE with a Korean based shipping company
DHL was his next stop on the SCRE path
When starting with Maersk, Marcin was luckily based in Prague where his love was also located
He was chewing up Europe in the sense that he was getting them into a BUNCH of Eastern Europe

Advice to younger self : Be more adventurous
Greatest Failure : Losing his relationship with his sister
Morning Ritual : Rows 3-4x a week, up at 4:45, on the water at 5:30, silent time for breakfast and coffee
Favorite Hotel : Mystery hotel in Playa Del Carmen with a cool story around it
Favorite Restaurant : Burrito Truck on beach in San Diego
Book Rec : “Koresh: The True Story” -Stephan Talty
Current Jam : Polish Rap/Hip-Hop
Charity : Local Dog Shelters
$100M Briefcase : Trailer Yards on 4-5 key markets
2023 Visionboard : Riding the vibe of life currently

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LinkedIn: Marcin Chojnowski

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Fried. The Burnout Podcast

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Instagram: @ward214tx
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