After over a decade of experience in working with 3PL’s throughout North America, our team is considered to be one of the preeminent leaders in specializing in 3PL real estate services.

We have built a strategic partnership with other 3PL real estate specialists around the globe to help our 3PL clients to continue to grow and gain market share.

As a member of IWLA and the Texas Warehouse Association, Ward invests a substantial amount of time to grow his understanding of the 3PL industry including business strategy, trends and challenges. Ward has contributed to the IWLA PAC action-committee-faq/ in an effort to help 3PL’s achieve political goals in an effort to improve operationalstartegies and maximize shareholder value.

3PL’s require multiple services that Ward and his team take very seriously and continually work to improve and automate in an effort to help our clients WIN NEW BUSINESS, GAIN MARKET SHARE and INCREASE SHAREHOLDER VALUE.
Key 3PL specific components that our team can assist with include the following:

BID Process

We understand that the 3PL business is super competitive and SPEED IS CRITICAL. Our team has established processes to implement Rapid Market Analysis (RMA) with lightning speed to assist our 3PL clients in the bidding process. We can implement RMA simultaneously throughout multiple cities around the globe to deliver rock solid information to give our clients an edge!

4PL Services

Our team works closely with leading shippers, retailers, ecommerce leaders and manufacturers that are constantly looking for new 3PL partners. We pride ourselves on matching our Shipper clients with our Carrier clients in an effort to help them strategically form strong, lasting win-win partnerships to maximize value and efficiency for both parties. Please contact us today if you are interest in being added to our team’s 3PL database.

Overflow Space

As previously mentioned, we have strong relationships with the Shippers and understand the growing,critical importance of flexible warehouse solutions. Our team is acutely aware of all market options around the globe that will allow for flexible space solutions in an effort to accommodate seasonal and sporadic overflow needs for our 3PL partners.