Ambassador for the Open Road: Kellylynn McLaughlin with Schneider

October 5, 2021


Ambassador for the Open Road: Kellylynn McLaughlin with Schneider

By Ward Richmond

There is a shortage of long-haul truck drivers and tanker drivers in this country right now. When the issue is raised, people often point to the long, lonely hours on the road and how incompatible the working conditions are with the professional priorities of millennial workers.

But everything is about your perspective, and if you ask Kellylynn McLaughlin, she talks about adventure, and meeting new people, and touring facilities. She makes it sound more like an expedition than a job. Kellylynn is a professional OTR driver and training engineer with Schneider. In 2020 she was appointed as Schneider’s first-ever ‘Women in Trucking’ Driver Ambassador, part of their diversity recruitment program to encourage new people to consider a career in trucking.

In this conversation, Kellylynn joins co-hosts Scott Luton and Ward Richmond, Executive Vice President at Colliers International, to share her view of life on the road:

– The excitement and danger she experiences on the road – and there are more of both than she would have expected
– Why she enjoys training Schneider’s new drivers, people who come from all over the world to learn the mechanics and safety measures of OTR trucking
– How she thinks the supply chain needs to be reimagined so that people – not profit – are put front and center.

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Professional Driver &Training Engineer, Schneider National & WIT Driver Ambassador

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Founder, CEO & Host of Supply Chain Now

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