Come on in, the KoolAid is fine!

March 5, 2019
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Come on in, the KoolAid is fine!

By Ward Richmond


In the Summer of 2016, my brother-in-law, James attended Tony’s most popular seminar, Unleash The Power Within, when it rolled through Dallas/ Ft. Worth, where we live. When he told me about the experience, and the cost associated with it, my eyebrows raised.

I threw out a few skeptical questions letting him know that I do not need to attend seminars to be a high performing businessman.
When he told me that he walked on coals, all I could muster was, “You have got to be kidding me, bro!”

About 6 months later, I picked up the Tim Ferriss masterpiece Tools of Titans which quickly became my favorite book of all time. In Tools of Titans, Tim profiles Tony Robbins.

I had to re-read this chapter a few times because I needed to establish Certainty (Certainty is one of the 6 Basic Human needs) that I had fallen in Love with a man (Love & Connection is another).

Had I lost my damned mind?!

The next thing I knew, I started googling Tony Robbins and looking into seminars. I read Awaken The Giant Within and then I watched the Netflix documentary, “I Am Not Your Guru”.

Then, after about 4 phone calls with the Tony Robbins organization, I wrote a check for $10K to attend Business Mastery in Las Vegas which is a 5 Day Seminar Tony leads that is specifically built to help business owners take their sh*t to the next level.

After Business Mastery, I was hooked. No need to bore you with the details but I continued with coaching for 18 months and attended multiple other seminars, walked on fire and even got to meet the big guy a couple of times!

If you are a skeptic or a hater, I double dog dare you to make an investment in yourself and get with the Tony Robbins program. I will personally guaranty that if you attend one of his seminars with an open mind and you are HUNGRY, you will learn at least one simple actionable item that will positively impact your life and thought process.

6 Of My Favorite Things We Discuss At Tony Robbins Seminars:

  • 1) Mindfulness. We learn and reinforce a lot of simple actionable items that help me to attack my days in a strategic manner with certainty and confidence. I’ve picked up new habits like reading a lot of books. I have embraced Meditation. I’ve learned the value of taking ice copld showers which I now do almost every day. His nutrition coaching has made me acutely aware of the physical and psychological impact of what I am putting into my body. My time management skills have been taken to the next level. I have mindfully shifted my focus from fear of not being successful to a hyper focus on Value Creation. I now know that if you create value, you will receive. It is that simple. There’s no need to worry about anything else. There is so much more but these are just a few examples.
  • 2) The 6 Basic Human Needs. Growth Contribution Certainty Variety Significance Love & Connection We discuss that by understanding and focusing on meeting these needs of the people in your life and the customers of your business, you will absolutely crush it.
  • 3) Physiology. We discuss how our posture, energy level, and physicality directly impacts our ability to make decisions which determines our actions and therefore our results in life.
  • 4) Stress = Fear. We discuss how “stress” is nothing but the achiever’s word for “fear”.  Are you stressed, bro? Nope- you are just scared!! The first step is recognizing that you have this problem. Then, smash your fears and limiting beliefs and stop being stressed. As Grant Cardone might say, “Don’t be a little b*tch!”
  • 5) Suffering. We discuss how “suffering” aka anger, frustration, worry is all in your head and within your control and how living in a state of suffering will be ultimately detrimental to your ability to make decisions and achieve favorable results (in life and business).
  • 6) Winter Is Coming. We discuss how “winter” aka a recession is undoubtedly coming our way and why it is critical to understand all of the value and opportunity that becomes available when we are in the midst of a recession. The best example of these opportunities are the number of quality companies that began in the depth of a recession, like FedEx, Apple and ExxonMobil – to name a few.