A commercial real estate partner is essential when planning to buy or finance commercial properties and industrial real estate. Prior to engaging a potential seller, a Property Due Diligence Evaluation is required by a qualified commercial real estate professional to establish a fact-based foundation upon which to decide. The buyer, seller, and all parties represented are required to ethically provide truthful information to maintain transparent transaction process.

Due Diligence Evaluations are prepared for one of the following parties:

  • Strategic Real Estate Buyer – must designate commercial property / land for own use and intended use
  • Financial Estate Buyer – purchasing commercial property / land for investment purpose and must designate financial information and projections
  • Commercial Developer – seeking to repurpose the commercial property / land and must designate feasibility and cost-effectiveness of project
  • A Lender – representing a potential buyer and must provide clients ‘ability to pay’ and ‘sufficiency of collateral’

A thorough Due Diligence Property Evaluation of a warehouse, trucking terminal, manufacturing facility, or industrial land provides valuation discovery and insight for a commercial property’s prospective seller and purchaser. A qualified commercial real estate advisor determines the level of due diligence need based on circumstance per transaction.