EP #1 John Pedigo

January 17, 2023
Truckin On


EP #1 John Pedigo

By Ward Richmond

Howdy y’all and welcome to Truckin’ On! Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, I’ve been working behind the scenes to get this new podcast up and running and excited to drop Episode #1 today! In this premier episode, recorded in Tulum, Mexico, I catch up with my best friend and first business partner, world class musician and hit record producer, John Pedigo (who also taught me how to use all of my new podcasting equipment!). We discuss the steps we took to start a garage band in high school all the way to getting signed to a record label in our early 20’s and tour the world together for several years playing 1000 shows across the US, Europe, Australia and even New Zealand! We discuss the uncanny similarities between the music industry and the commercial real estate industry as well as John’s path to becoming one of the most sought after music producers in America producing hit records for the likes of Old 97’s, The Vandoliers and Joshua Ray Walker (the latter of whom was kind enough to give me permission to include his amazing song “Canyon” in this Episode #1 for your listening pleasure!). I’m super excited to begin this new journey with y’all and I truly hope you dig it, find some inspiration and learn something new. Look for new episodes of Truckin’ On w/ Ward Richmond to be comin atcha every Tuesday. As always, please subscribe, share and leave a 5-star review!

Connect with John:
Spotify: John Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner
Instagram: @johnpedigo 

Show Notes:
• “Canyon” -Joshua Ray Walker
• Slick Fifty Seven(band) – Spotify
• Boys Named Sue(band) – Spotify 

Connect with Ward:
Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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