EP #19 Brett Mears

May 2, 2023
Truckin On


EP #19 Brett Mears

By Ward Richmond

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Brett is a classic entrepreneur as President of Palmer Logistics in Houston, TX
He was on the board for International Warehousing Logistics Association(IWLA), where he and I met some time ago
A product of divorce, Brett was super focused on his education September-May
Outside of that, he spent his summers on the Jersey Shore where his grandparents lived
Attended Notre Dame on a Navy scholarship with intentions of becoming an engineer, eventually switching to Business Management, looking forward to a career in the Navy
His time in the Navy was literally all over the place! He was on a real life Minesweeper from Asia to Europe and even got stationed at Pearl Harbor!
Thank you for your service Brett!
Wanting to teach at an ROTC outfit after his active time, but was steered by life toward the logistic business via his biological father
First role in the industry was in Palmer Logistics’ sales department, moving onto operations and eventually moving into his current position as President of the company

Advice to younger self : Listen more, to mentors specifically
Business : Superpower
Greatest Failure : Project in the business that was a comedy of errors, a 3-4 year snowball of failure. It taught Brett to audit their organizational structure and technological needs
Morning Ritual : 5:30, cup of coffee, off to the gym for a solid workout and sauna
Favorite Hotel : Anywhere on a beautiful beach
Favorite Restaurant : Vic and Anthony’s – Houston
Book Rec : “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” – Ben Horowitz
Current Jam : Been pumping Reggae lately
Charity : Project Protect Our Children
$100M Briefcase : Investment in himself
2023 Visionboard : Open up shop outside of Texas, happening in

Connect with Brett:
Website: Palmer Logistics
LinkedIn: Brett Mears
Email: [email protected]

Connect with Ward:
Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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