EP #20 Conrad Madsen

May 10, 2023
Truckin On


EP #20 Conrad Madsen

By Ward Richmond

“Winning doesn’t sharpen your sword, losing is the only thing that is going to make your sword sharper in life.” – Conrad Madsen

Conrad Madsen, aka cofounder of Paladin Partners, aka Mr Linkedin has two decades in the industry of… Industrial real estate
Grew up in the bordertown of Mission, TX
Mom and dad both worked, Dad owned a fiberglass manufacturing company
Rural upbringing on 20 acres, raising some cows and living the country life
Learned the value of hard work early from his parents
Attended Texas Tech
Conrad wanted to land an internship with the CIA after college, was told to gain some life experience before getting into the Company
Tried the Law School route into it, but decided that wasn’t the path either
Was introduced to a friend of a friend who was a talent scout/headhunter for Mark Cuban’s company at the time
Moved into a recruiting firm from that intro and began making cold calls, a lot of cold calls
After his recruiting stint, Conrad moved to Dallas and made his foray into the Commercial Real Estate business
Worked at NAI in Dallas and cut his teeth learning the biz in the shadow of The Staubach Company
Moved on from NAI to start his first business in Lee and Associates where he learned even more, making him more capable to move into his very own shop
Enter Paladin Partners, 14ish people in the building, handling Commercial real estate through a solutions obsessed approach

Advice to younger self : Invest earlier, in yourself. Find mentorship
Morning Ritual : 5-530 wake up, cardio/weights, sauna, cold shower
Favorite Hotel : Little Nell – Aspen
Favorite Restaurant : Dunston’s Steakhouse – Dallas
Book Rec : “Can’t Hurt Me” -David Goggins
Current Jam : “Wanna Be A Baller” by Lil’ Troy Spotify – Apple
“Feelin Good Again” by Robert Earl Keen Spotify – Apple
Charity : Team Luke: Hope For Minds
$100M Briefcase : Well located industrial real estate, not California
2023 Visionboard : Buy 5 pieces of real estate

Connect with Conrad:
Website:Paladin Partners
LinkedIn: Conrad Madsen
Instagram: @conrad.madsen

Connect with Ward:
Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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