EP #22 Q1 2023 DFW 🤠 Industrial RE Report 🚚

May 23, 2023
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EP #22 Q1 2023 DFW 🤠 Industrial RE Report 🚚

By Ward Richmond

Is This a Tenant’s Market?

There is a bit of a softening in the market this quarter after having a large amount of square footage hit the market from being built out in Q4 of ‘22
If you need 1M sqft, strike while the iron is hot!
Rent rates have jumped from 4.84 to 7.00 in the last year
New construction of space will be limited in the near future as many banks are slowing their lending
All in all, I’m still mad bullish on my hometown market, it’s still growing in population, there’s a plethora of infrastructure criss-crossing here, and there’s still a lot of ground to build on
Get the full rundown, in writing, on my blog, Supply Chain Real Estate.

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