EP #27 The High Functioning Alcoholic Part III

June 15, 2023
Truckin On


EP #27 The High Functioning Alcoholic Part III

By Ward Richmond

Part III of the(for now) trilogy is here fam. I hope yall have found value in the first two iterations. If you’re just jumping in, I invite you to go listen to the first two episodes for a little context on my journey here.
In this one, I’ll take you on a little stroll through my life and relationships to alcohol, humans, and life in the years since the mother of my children and I decided to divorce. You even get a little glimpse into my dance with Ayahuasca during this period of life.
As always, this is not meant to be prescriptive. I just hope to help anyone out there see themselves in another.

Show Notes:
“The Freedom Transmissions” – Carissa Schumacher

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