EP #4 David Burch

February 2, 2023
Truckin On


EP #4 David Burch

By Ward Richmond

“Shoulda bought a Cadillac, WOOOOO!!!” – Ric Flair

David Burch joins us from sunny Florida. He’s been a southern boy most of his life, growing up in Atlanta and attending University of Georgia in Athens. As with many of us, he really came into his own there, rushing Lambda Chi and landing a scholarship that let him stay in Athens for law school. While there, he lucked into a lucrative internship at a monster law firm in ATL. He went on to practice with another firm he interned with his last year of school, this time a bigger international firm. Once David entered the field and got his feet wet in the law game, he found himself wanting more. David explains his view of “equity” in life being akin to freedom, which I love! Pulling on that thread of equity, David left for a smaller real-estate focused firm where he grew his own client base, eventually leaving in pursuit of principal equity in real estate development, hiring on with one of is first law clients in Atlanta. Still in the pursuit of equity, he moved to Florida, “The Land of the Free”, where he opened up shop with a peer he had worked with in Atlanta. They founded Inlight Real Estate and now have offices in Florida, Atlanta, and Charleston.

David’s also a health conscious guy, starting with his morning routine, 5:30 with some Athletic Greens, coffee and a gym visit. When that’s all wrapped, he gets kids dropped off at school and he’s off to work. His fav book? Like a true real estate professional, it’s on negotiation, “Getting to Yes”(linked). He’s also a country music fan, citing “Buy Dirt” as the song that’s resonating right now. What would he invest in with $100,000,000? You guessed it. Dirt, specifically dirt in a ,port market!

His company, like any great company I believe, is doing well by doing good. They are involved in a charity known as the Faris Virani Foundation. They work on Childhood cancer research, support creative arts programs for children with cancer and community outreach/education.

What’s the next move towards more equity for his family? His wife’s vision for more equity is something he’s investing his love and effort in as well. She founded a mission based e-commerce(for now) company selling home goods/decor. You can find them on the gram @halfpastsevenhome or their online shop, Brick and mortar is to come.

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Connect with David:
Website: Inlight Real Estate
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Show Notes:
The White Lotus – HBO
“Getting to Yes” – Roger Fisher and William L Ury
“Buy Dirt”(song)
The Faris Foundation

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Instagram: @ward214tx
YouTube: Supply Chain Real Estate

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