Hi Mom- I joined A Cult!

February 18, 2019
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Hi Mom- I joined A Cult!

By Ward Richmond


No- I did not really join a cult, Mom!

I am not a naïve guy. I am well aware that some people roll their eyes when I start passionately talking about how Tony Robbins changed my life. I know. It’s OK, though.

I used to be that skeptical, eye rolling guy.

Now, I’ve morphed into that other guy: The “Tony Robbins guy”!

Oh, Holy Shit! I still laugh out loud about this strange occurrence and wonder WTF has happened to me?!

Quite literally, just 3 years ago, I would have laughed you out of the room if you told me I was about to become a living, breathing, fire walking, student of Tony! But hey- life is weird and people change.

All of that being said, I know that we have a lot of Tony Robbins haters out there in this world and I am certain that the world would be a better place if this was not the case.

There are also a lot of people out there who undoubtedly think I am a whack job for writing this blog, and posting motivational quotes on Instagram on a weekly basis and literally spending tens of thousands of hard earned dollars on coaching and seminars over the last few years.

That’s OK though. The ROI has been significant and Significance, according to Tony “F**kin” Robbins is one of the 6 Basic Human Needs so I recommend you GET YOU SOME!

These days, I like to talk about my man crush on Tony during my business presentations. This is typically the first slide of my presentation deck, no less!

Don’t be hatin’, bro, just keep readin’ and I’ll tell you how it plays out and why I do this crazy sh*t!

The Four Types of People I Meet When I Talk About Tony Robbins In A Business Presentation:

  • 1) The Fellow Cult Member. When I drop my Tony slide on a fellow cult member, lightning strikes (in a good way!). If you get it, you get it. If you are speaking to a likeminded beast who has hardwired their brain to think the way Tony Robbins thinks, the odds of closing the deal have drastically increased. An immediate bond has been formed and we both know that we are dealing with a high performing, hungry, value creation obsessed individual. Boom!
  • 2) The Empathizer. The Empathizer is the type of person who may not necessarily drink the Tony Robbins “KoolAid” but still appreciates working with a “Tony Robbins guy”. These smart business leaders will quickly acknowledge that they are dealing with a passionate, nerd who is into self-help and recognize this as a potential asset to their organization.
  • 3) The Skeptic. As mentioned, this used to be me. While skeptical, The Skeptic can still be turned when I explain that I tripled my income within 24 Months after I started working with Tony and I began implementing his coaching into my life. ***There are lots of other neat tricks I have learned from Tony other than money making but the story of massive revenue growth fascinates most human beings and can turn most skeptics on a dime.
  • 4) The Hater. This is the dude or dudette that cannot and will not be turned. The polar opposite of the Cult Member. Their mindset is: “Self-Help is for losers. Tony Robbins is a snake oil salesman and this guy talking about him is a f**king idiot. What is he thinking?!”

That’s OK though!! Because, believe it or not, this still creates a Win/ Win scenario for me:

Win Scenario #1: I still get hired because I am a total badass at what I do!

Win Scenario #2: I don’t get hired but I also don’t have to work with a close minded hater who thinks I’m an idiot! This is seriously an incredible thing and even if I don’t win the business, it will positively impact my life in the long run.

As mentioned, I know about these haters and skeptics because I used to be one. And- it wasn’t that long ago! Which category do you fall into? Do you think I left something out? Let me know!

In Part 2 of this blog I will tell you about all of the cult like things we discuss at a Tony Robbins seminar so you can get a taste of the KoolAid!