Lease administration and management requires a team of experienced commercial real estate professionals working collaboratively to execute complex business plans to match and exceed individual client leasing expectations while controlling / minimizing cost while providing fully transparent peace of mind.

The lease administration and management process is a conglomerate of micro-processes to streamline efficiencies and maximize value for clients with significant leased property portfolios.

Our world class team’s top goals include:

  • Streamline lease administration
  • Assist clients to avoid billing errors and overpayment

Key services include:

  • Lease abstracts
  • Critical Date tracking
  • Operating Expense audits
  • Operating Expense recovery negotiation
  • Operating Expense budgeting and planning
  • Automated payment processing and verification
  • Organization of and management of complex real estate portfolios

Anticipating changes in corporate lease accounting is a critical job within our Lease Administration and Management group and our team provides best in class service to assist our clients with such changes in an effort to comply with ever changing municipal guidelines in an effort to help our clients to manage the corporate lease accounting process in a streamlined and value driven manner.