Success Story: Peak Season Fire Drill

September 25, 2018
Success Stories


Success Story: Peak Season Fire Drill

By Ward Richmond

KW International, Inc. is a total logistic company with unique business mind and brilliant people who strive to design and offer only the best logistic solution to its customers. We take pride in being a rapidly growing community of talented and special individuals, orchestrating every aspect of logistics to ensure we can be one-stop logistic solutions provider.


KW faced a mission critical challenge when one of their largest customers was forced to recall a massive amount of product.

Of course, this recall occurred in early December. If you are in tune to the logistics business, then you know that December is in the heat of “Peak Season” and most flexible space solutions are already in use do to increased consumer demand during the holiday season!

Nevertheless, KW required extremely flexible overflow space solutions as fast as humanly possible.


The Richmond Team got to work. Cole Hooper, my right hand man, is known throughout America as having the ability to perform world class market studies, for extremely difficult requirements in record timeframe. That’s how we roll! Cole and I worked together to put together a killer market study of flexible space solutions while utilizing our relationships with landlords to dig up these tough to find options for KW.


  • Our team provided a comprehensive market study of all available short term leases and sublet options that would allow KW the flexibility they required within 48 hours of receiving the initial request.
  • We worked with client to secure 50K SF within 8 business days of initial request.
  • Due to increasing capacity demands, we secured and relocated to another 80K SF facility about 30 days later.
  • Due to another unexpected surge in recall inventory, we worked together to secure and relocate into 205K SF facility while negotiating a 50% reduction in the first month’s rental rate to meet cost goals during this hectic overflow procedure.
  • We wound up working with one key institutional Landlord (can you guess which one???) to accommodate these flexible space solutions while negotiating a 4 month term. This term aligned with the end of Q1 and Q2 which provided an abnormally short term for our client while allowing the Landlord to attain stronger occupancy numbers for two consecutive quarters making this transaction a “Win-Win” for all parties involved.


“he Colliers team worked quickly and efficiently to leverage their local market relationships to find KW multiple short term, flexible space solutions in an expedient and professional manner.”


Please contact The Wolf directly to discuss further details related to this exciting project.