Supply Chain Now Episode 365 is Live!

May 27, 2020


Supply Chain Now Episode 365 is Live!

By Ward Richmond

“Companies who have not adjusted to the eCommerce world that we’re living in are in a world of hurt. If they don’t have the supply chain infrastructure to support the growing demand for eCommerce in the Amazon effect, they’re going to have a lot of trouble surviving in the 2020s.”
– Ward Richmond, Executive Vice President at Colliers International

For years now, companies have been looking to do more with less when it comes to real estate, making the most of expensive investments. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend has reversed, with companies looking to have enough space to maintain the safety of their teams without skyrocketing overhead.

Ward Richmond is an Executive Vice President and shareholder at Colliers International, as well as a blogger at The U.S. industrial real estate review for Q1 2020 has just been released, and while the real estate market has changed significantly in the last 3 months, it still provides valuable benchmarks and insight that companies can use.

In this conversation, Ward returns to the show to provide Supply Chain Now Co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton with an update on:

– Why the economic indicators from Q1 2020 bear no connection to what we’ll see during the remainder of the year, and why none of it tells us what to expect in 2021
– How industrial real estate costs and vacancy rates vary from market to market and city to city
– The advice he would give to anyone running a company that is less worried about surviving and is in a position to take the pandemic disruption as an opportunity to grow

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