Supply Chain Real Estate Podcast #3: Hot Topics in the Cold Chain

November 15, 2019


Supply Chain Real Estate Podcast #3: Hot Topics in the Cold Chain

By Supply Chain Now Radio

For anyone not familiar with the unique nature of a “cold” supply chain, it covers the movement of any perishable good from its point of origin to the place where the customer ultimately purchases it – and all the companies and logistics elements that are involved in that journey. Products that commonly move through a cold supply chain include raw and processed food items as well as pharmaceutical ingredients – anything that is at risk of perishing should the temperature become too hot during shipping.

Both of the guests in this podcast know the cold (or “cool”) chain well, and can speak to the big picture business trends that are driving the change being seen, including shifting consumer preferences, old companies being disrupted by innovative startups and why B2C supply chain professionals need to be familiar with “SKU proliferation”.

In this interview, Chris and Ward tell Supply Chain Now Radio co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton about:
– The challenges associated with staffing huge warehouses where employees have to work in extremely cold conditions.
– The increasing pressure to innovate while managing costs in the food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.
– Why the stock market may be misreading the indicators coming from the supply chain industry, especially outside of manufacturing

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