The GaryVee Audio Experience!

November 21, 2018


The GaryVee Audio Experience!

By Ward Richmond

I am excited as hell and humbled AF to be featured on the GaryVee Audio Experience this week. I discovered Gary Vee a couple of years ago and had the opportunity to meet with him and his core team at Vaynermedia to discuss digital marketing strategies in 2018! The experience was mind blowing, to say the least.

I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast and let Gary do his thing and drop some serious knowledge on you.

DISCLAIMER & FOUL MOUTHED LANGUAGE WARNING: If you don’t know Gary (or me) – then you may not know that we both like to cuss like sailors when we talk on Podcasts. So, if that happens to offend you, please refrain from listening below and I recommend you go read my Q3 2018 DFW Industrial Market Report which does not have any cussing. Rather, it discusses why I am thankful for industrial real estate and how others find warehouses to be “sexy”.

This Podcast is titled INSIDE 4D’s: Episode 1 and was released on November 18, 2018. You can find it right here!