Ep #6 Q4 2022 DFW Industrial RE Report 🔥

February 10, 2023
Truckin On


Ep #6 Q4 2022 DFW Industrial RE Report 🔥

By Ward Richmond

As you all know, I’m located in DFW, one of the greatest distribution hubs in the world IMHO. This episode is to serve as my quarterly blog on the state of the industrial/supply chain real estate market in DFW specifically with some insights into the national market where applicable. Numbers from Q4 fo 2022 are in and it was a solid end to a great year in the biz.

DFW posted strong numbers for absorption as well as new square footage being added to the market, and I see no slowing this year. Even in the face of supply chain interruptions for specialty equipment ie Electrical and HVAC components. Labor is in short supply as well, but the market just keeps Truckin On.

Tenant demand is still strong with some slight tapering in the larger user market. This has left a bit of a soft spot for the 700k-1M sqft tenant, there being multiple options for a tenant I worked with recently. Vacancy rate is promising for the DFW market at just 5.3%, so the owners of all this beautiful square footage can sleep soundly with that knowledge as well as the rent rates reaching record levels of…

$6.54 Triple Net in industrial market
$5.32 Triple Net in Big box market
That’s what I have for y’all this go around. Until next time, gather your action plan and implement it. If you need assistance with that, please reach out. I’m happy to help!

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