EP #2 Welcome to Truckin’ On (Solocast)

January 20, 2023
Truckin On


EP #2 Welcome to Truckin’ On (Solocast)

By Ward Richmond

This one felt good yall! While this may be the second episode by number, I believe this will be the archetype for episodes moving forward. While the questions will evolve over time, I will try to keep a similar protocol for episode flows moving forward. I lay out a bit more of my origin story beyond my rockabilly alter ego detailed in episode one with my brother from another mother, John Pedigo. In this Ep #2, I discuss my Dallas roots, vacation and recreation preferences, as well as a peek into my college years at Brown University. My biggest book recommendation right now, The Four Agreements(shownotes), how I’m vibing with the great Zach Bryan right now and specifically his song, “God Speed”. I really hope you enjoy the show!

Show Notes:
– “The Four Agreements” – Don Miguel Ruiz
– Zach Bryan’s “God Speed”
– Spotify
– Apple 

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